Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So it has been a while since I have posted something.. and Alot has happened in such a short time.. just a little over a month....

The puppy we got is now named Ellie.. and is already almost 25 pounds.. she is growing so fast and it seems like every week i am loosening up her collar to compensate for her rapid growth spurts... she is all around a good puppy.. she already can sit, stay, and retrieve... but she is lab puppy and we have to watch her like a hawk so nothing that is sacred to me ends up in her belly!!! she ate a baby lizard the other day... i thought it would make her sick.. but just gave her the "poo's" for about 2 days and she has not checked up...lol

we got closed and moved in our house.. we got everything painted but one room because i can nor decide what i want to do with it.. i draw in there alot and so therefor.. make quiet a mess every time i do so.. Ragan has a "man cave" in the last bedroom.. or the hunting room would also be a good name for it.. and i happen to like it!!!.. it also a good place for a nap... we have this HUGE old couch in there that sleeps like 5star hotel bed... it is the shizznizzle!!!:)

but one week to the day after moving in.. all the light switches and electrical outlets on one side of the wall in the bed room just quit working.. not sure why.. but that also includes the jets on my long dreamed of jaquzzi tub ( i know that is not spelled right).... and that is the most important resourse to me right now to fix...lol

and then there was my first adventure of trying to cut the grass in a subdivision when i could not tell were my grass stopped and their's might start... o my goodness i figured out when i saw how short i keep my grass and how tall they keep thier grass.. by the amazingly noticeable gapping "uh o" i did in the neighbors yard... and the make it worse.. i tried to fix it with weed eater..... uuuuggggghhhh... not a good idea!!! hahahahaha it was AWFUL!! so noe i resigned myself to only cut the backyard who's boundry lines are clearly marked with a huge wooden privacy fence. and odly enough.. i think Ragan agrees.. hahaha

On August 22, Ragan and I got married at the JP in town.. We had alot of family coming and going and we didnt think it was very respectful for us to be living together and not be married.. so I am officially Mrs. Walters... but we are having our ceremony on October 1 just as planned so that friends and family members can have a wedding.. lol.. and i get to wear my beloved dress.. we have not really advertised it because we want those who are coming to the wedding to still excited and happy for our wedding day.. and this is still my wedding day.. my wedding day that i finally got everything i wanted from the flowers the decorations... the location.. to the groom:) And i am still looking forward to October 1 with the same butterflies and anxious anticipation as i was before..:)

Ragan is amazing.. no other words to say...

i start me new jobthis week.. which is a blessing because the funds are beginning to get a little tight for comfort... and i do not like that feeling..but one month off.. can sure spoil someone into not wanting to pull that regular 9 to 5!!lol although i do stay pretty busy already being a stay at home wife.. didnt think i would be this busy.. but this has been just about the fastest month of my life!!!!!

so i will write more when i have more time and when i have not been battling strep throat for last 7 days!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Our New Child!!!

Help us think of some names for our new little lab puppy.. Its a girl!! We get her tomorrow!!

Just Another Day........

Well it is 7:30 in the morning... I STAYED UP UNTIL 11:00 last  night!! just sitting on the couch watching tv.... Once again.. another lonley day and night ahead with Ragan gone and not coming back today.. i am very sad about that.. this is something I do not want to have to get used to...:(

So did you watch the new season of Jersey Shore last night were they are in Italy?  i  CAN NOT STAND MIKE!! he is a arrogant, cocky, self centered, manipulative creep!!!!!!! Just let Snooki have her boyfriend.. he tries to ruin everything that someone else has because he can not have it himself!! I hope snooki doesnt fall for his crap!!!!!  I think i will have to say that my favorite is Pauly!! He is the only one who seems to have some type of head on his shoulders!!!

so i stayed in my 520 sq. ft apartment ALLLLLLLLLLL DDDAAAYYY yesterday!!!! because now days if you go some were it.. ends up costing you money some how....... so.. i will most likely do it again today.. with the exception of the tanning bed, meeting with me mortgage lady this morning, and the painter  and realtor for our new house this afternoon... but all that will be done by 2 or 2:15 this afternoon.. then its back to doing nothing and pining away over missing Ragan.......... were is the fun in this?????

Yes.. i am going to attempt the tanning bed again today.. i gave my self one day off and it turned to tan already... so why not kill my face skin again?? i know there is no logic behind this theory.... only speculation... but i still abide by one cold hard truth that will always remain the same...... TAN FAT LOOKS BETTER THAN WHITE FAT!!!! pahaha

so... i wake up this morning about 6:15..... my eyes are blurry because i slept in my contacts.. and i am dizzy as all get out because i got up way to fast from laying down all night... I try to make to the bath room when out of my "peripherals" ( all the cat williams fans will appreciate that )  i see something crawling across the carpet.... my first instinct is a freaky deaky spider!!!!!!!!!!! so in my battle with staying on my feet and temporary blindness.. i try to spring back on the bed.. only to fail miserably... leaving my shorts pulled almost all the way up to my girls and my t shirt stuck half way down my shorts... my hair has not been brushed from the fight with pillow the night before.. and i have crap in my eyes from sleeping in my contacts... but who quits after the first time????? not me!!! i swiftly get back on my feet and launch myself over the bed and land with such stealth i thought for a minute that  i may date back to cat woman...... hmmm.... ok back to reality... i failed to arm myself with at least a flip flop a magazine or something... so i was stranded.. stranded in the middle of a sea of  helplessness.. my 2nd hand cat like reflexes are not helping me now... but then.... just when i thought all has failed..... it HOPPED.. yes i said HOPPED!!!! so my eye brow crinkles, and my nose kinda turns... then as usual my confused head tilts left and right..... then it HOPPED again!!! it dawned on me............... IT IS A FRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pahahaha!!! so i crawl back down off my battle post and call off the guards... and i proceed to try and catch this illusive fricket... uuuggghhhh no one told me that frickets from the city have legs made of steel springs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i chased that stupid fricket allllllll ovvveeer this apartment at 6:30 in the a.m!!! i would slap and he would hop.. slap, hop, slap, hop... ugh!!! finally i got close enough...... i landed on one of those steel springs... i accidently TORE HIS FREAKY DEAKY LEG OFF!!!! ( laughing quietly as if not to sound in humane) ha... then all he could do is spin around in circles....................... ok that is funny.. hahahahaha.. ok back to my story.. so he was easy to contain... so i scooped him up and opened the door.. and CHUNKED him out!! he landed with such a thud... if crickets can.. he did.... lol.. such a thud that i am assuming if it didnt kill him.. it knocked him out... eeehhhh.. i think he dead!!!!  so now that i have defended my castle again terrorist crickets posing as spiders, and re activated my inner Zena Warrior princess...... its time to go brush my teeth!!!!!!........................................................

Thursday, August 4, 2011

So once again.. at home missing my Ragan.. I have decided that I am not a very talented person when it comes to being apart.. something that fail miserably at. hhmmm...... and wish it it was something that I did not have to get better at.. but he comes home again on Saturday.. but it seems such a long way away..

i failed to mention the near death expierence of my facial skin cells from the torture of the newest baddest edition of "fake baking" ever... Yesterday i decided to go back to the tanning bed.. failing to remeber the effect of tanning build up that you can get that sneaks up on you like a theif in the knight.. i crawled in and turned my music up and put those fancy little goggles that resemble that of a 70's hippie and far away i went... my toes jamming to the beat of some new song that sounded like he had a constant jolly rancher stuck in his throat.. but the beat was good.. my fingers stuck in my hot pink socks like a little girl with mittens on... trying to prevent my new nails from turning yellow. and for all the tanners out there.. i forgot to "lift and separate" so hence the new smiley faces i have that are so eager to show their pearly whites every time i bend over!! haha..  but the face bulbs in this bed must be amzaing.. i got out with what i thought was a pretty summer time glow.. but a few hours later... my face was darker than the coral colored dress i wore to go furniture shopping with my new mother in law.. I LOOK LIKE A DEFLICTED APPLE.. and the shape of the hippie goggles are ever more noticeable.. the skin under my eye brows is red then my eye lids white, then right under my eye is red again.. my lips look like the best red crayon color ever!!!!!!! yep.. i bet i could smack them babies around and leave a mark!! hahahaha...  my mitten finger nail protection was not very succesful.. but hey.. now i am just bright colored every were!! White, tan, yellow, and red... sounds like some indian carpet color to me.. i wonder if i could qualify for no taxes today.. ahh.. prolly not... anyway.. needless to say.. i do not have coon eyes.. i have the entire dang mask!! and i will not will not have to wear lipstick for  at least a week.. o the pain i go through to be tan... my skin willl hate me in about 10 years!!

but let me back up... me and mrs. cathy went to this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G furniture store yesterday.. and i went with the intentions ( note i said intention) of not buying anything.. but when i got there.. i am sure i had the same affect as the 4 year old who sees what they think is Santa Clause for the first time at the mall.... ' OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo" i thought to my self... i had to touch everything.. and pick up what i could and twist it around and turn my head left, then turn my turn my head right.. then run my fingers all over it.. " LOOOOK" I would say to Mrs. Cathy.. then catch a glimpse of something else.. and " O LOOOOOOK at this toooooo" this sequence repeated it self at least a 100 times over... then I stopped... stopped dead in my little size 6 tracks... there it was.. the mother of all of my furniture dreams.... lol.... A antinqued green corner china cabinet.. my eyes glazed over.. my mouth could have caught 50 flies and i would have never noticed.. it was truly.. love at first sight...i "awed" at its beauty, and drooled over the perfect fit it would be in our house...... then it all came crashing down.. alllllll dowwwwn.. the price tag reveled itself............     ...........     ...........     Deep sigh of disapointment.. and utter saddness.. $800 dollars for my beloved cabinet.. " holy balllls" i said to myself.. why why why why why... so i had to leave without my cabinet.. knowing that i may never see him again..:(   I have only spent any half way large amount of money on my self TWICE in the last 8 months this year.. once to set my visits at the new space ships of the tanning world and today on a mirror and tv stand for our new house.... but still could not bring myself to spend anymore.. i looked.. and looked.. and thought real hard...... but i could not let myself indulge on my self.. maybe one day... i might meet my faithful cabinet again under different circumstances..... But i did come away with some good bargains.. and mrs cathy got us this AWESOME lamp.. never seen anything like it!!! is is just "Butimus" i have noticed that Mrs. Cathy and I have alot of the same taste when it comes to clothes... painting, and... furniture... decorating... so i see alot of shopping trips in our future!! and alot trouble we can get in!!

then mrs cathy and i go into belk...... as we are walking in.. i find myself admiring every pair of jessica simpson shoes there with such adoration and love!!! and my big eyes get even bigger and more innocent looking as i begin to zone in on a pair like a bog trying to avoid the light of a gug zapper........ you know its touble... but you just can not resist............then i hear in the back ground.. "Mam.. please watch your step".. Flustered.. i look down.. and there it was.. the biggest, nasitest, most digusting pile of fresh VOMIT!! I thought OOOOOOOOOOOO MY DEAR JESUS PLEASE HELP HELP HELP ME.. NOT LOOSE MY LUNCH RIGHT HERE!! oooooooooooo my gosh it was completley awful!! and no one was even covering it up with paper towels or anything...but.. i had to proceed on... uuuhhgggg.. it was so freaky deaky bad!!!! and the thing is... we finished in belk... and got ready to leave.. AND IT WAS STILL THERE!!!!! NO ONE HAD MADE AN EFFORT TO EVEN CLEAN IT UP!!!!  once again... i had to pray for strength to keep my lunch down.. for my immune syestem to stay strong so that the cooties would not jump off the pile of projectile and on to my skin.......................................................................gives me the pure shakes!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Introductions

Hi Everyone!! I want you to meet one of my best little buddy's in the entire world!! This is Oscar!! I have had him since I was in the 8th grade.. not gonna say how long that was.. lol.. just let Oscar's grey hair give you a clue!!! My dad was out working one day and heard some faint whispers.. he followed them and they lead him up to garbage can at the end of some trailer park off the highway.. and there was Oscar!!! some one was literally going to throw him away!!! I can not imagine!!! He is my swweeeet little man!! My earthly angel!!! He is spoiled rotten and i think he deserves to be!!

Meet Ragan!!! He is my best friend!! and is everything I ever dreamed for in a man.. He has the best heart and loves me. He has shown me everything i was ever missing in a relationship and you really can have your fairy tale!! I will mqrry my best friend on October 1, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

HE's HOME!!!:)

He came home!!! and super was ready on the stove.. or so i thought... come to find out instead of deer steak and gravy.. I had deer steak pie.. HAHAHAHA.. apparently i had forgot to burn the burner down to were the gravy could just simmer... it scalded my gravy.. UGH... but like any manly man that loves his woman... He somehow managed to get it down.. and with a smile on his face!!! hahaha.. I am as happy as a little chipmunk with both cheeks filled with acorns!!!! But the peas turned out great!!!! and my rice was not gummy for once!!! lol!!! So from now on.. "Deer Pie" is not my goal!!!

Stay tuned!!! Keep a look out for the FRICKETS!!!