Sunday, July 31, 2011

HE's HOME!!!:)

He came home!!! and super was ready on the stove.. or so i thought... come to find out instead of deer steak and gravy.. I had deer steak pie.. HAHAHAHA.. apparently i had forgot to burn the burner down to were the gravy could just simmer... it scalded my gravy.. UGH... but like any manly man that loves his woman... He somehow managed to get it down.. and with a smile on his face!!! hahaha.. I am as happy as a little chipmunk with both cheeks filled with acorns!!!! But the peas turned out great!!!! and my rice was not gummy for once!!! lol!!! So from now on.. "Deer Pie" is not my goal!!!

Stay tuned!!! Keep a look out for the FRICKETS!!!

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