Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Introductions

Hi Everyone!! I want you to meet one of my best little buddy's in the entire world!! This is Oscar!! I have had him since I was in the 8th grade.. not gonna say how long that was.. lol.. just let Oscar's grey hair give you a clue!!! My dad was out working one day and heard some faint whispers.. he followed them and they lead him up to garbage can at the end of some trailer park off the highway.. and there was Oscar!!! some one was literally going to throw him away!!! I can not imagine!!! He is my swweeeet little man!! My earthly angel!!! He is spoiled rotten and i think he deserves to be!!

Meet Ragan!!! He is my best friend!! and is everything I ever dreamed for in a man.. He has the best heart and loves me. He has shown me everything i was ever missing in a relationship and you really can have your fairy tale!! I will mqrry my best friend on October 1, 2011

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