Thursday, August 4, 2011

So once again.. at home missing my Ragan.. I have decided that I am not a very talented person when it comes to being apart.. something that fail miserably at. hhmmm...... and wish it it was something that I did not have to get better at.. but he comes home again on Saturday.. but it seems such a long way away..

i failed to mention the near death expierence of my facial skin cells from the torture of the newest baddest edition of "fake baking" ever... Yesterday i decided to go back to the tanning bed.. failing to remeber the effect of tanning build up that you can get that sneaks up on you like a theif in the knight.. i crawled in and turned my music up and put those fancy little goggles that resemble that of a 70's hippie and far away i went... my toes jamming to the beat of some new song that sounded like he had a constant jolly rancher stuck in his throat.. but the beat was good.. my fingers stuck in my hot pink socks like a little girl with mittens on... trying to prevent my new nails from turning yellow. and for all the tanners out there.. i forgot to "lift and separate" so hence the new smiley faces i have that are so eager to show their pearly whites every time i bend over!! haha..  but the face bulbs in this bed must be amzaing.. i got out with what i thought was a pretty summer time glow.. but a few hours later... my face was darker than the coral colored dress i wore to go furniture shopping with my new mother in law.. I LOOK LIKE A DEFLICTED APPLE.. and the shape of the hippie goggles are ever more noticeable.. the skin under my eye brows is red then my eye lids white, then right under my eye is red again.. my lips look like the best red crayon color ever!!!!!!! yep.. i bet i could smack them babies around and leave a mark!! hahahaha...  my mitten finger nail protection was not very succesful.. but hey.. now i am just bright colored every were!! White, tan, yellow, and red... sounds like some indian carpet color to me.. i wonder if i could qualify for no taxes today.. ahh.. prolly not... anyway.. needless to say.. i do not have coon eyes.. i have the entire dang mask!! and i will not will not have to wear lipstick for  at least a week.. o the pain i go through to be tan... my skin willl hate me in about 10 years!!

but let me back up... me and mrs. cathy went to this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G furniture store yesterday.. and i went with the intentions ( note i said intention) of not buying anything.. but when i got there.. i am sure i had the same affect as the 4 year old who sees what they think is Santa Clause for the first time at the mall.... ' OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo" i thought to my self... i had to touch everything.. and pick up what i could and twist it around and turn my head left, then turn my turn my head right.. then run my fingers all over it.. " LOOOOK" I would say to Mrs. Cathy.. then catch a glimpse of something else.. and " O LOOOOOOK at this toooooo" this sequence repeated it self at least a 100 times over... then I stopped... stopped dead in my little size 6 tracks... there it was.. the mother of all of my furniture dreams.... lol.... A antinqued green corner china cabinet.. my eyes glazed over.. my mouth could have caught 50 flies and i would have never noticed.. it was truly.. love at first sight...i "awed" at its beauty, and drooled over the perfect fit it would be in our house...... then it all came crashing down.. alllllll dowwwwn.. the price tag reveled itself............     ...........     ...........     Deep sigh of disapointment.. and utter saddness.. $800 dollars for my beloved cabinet.. " holy balllls" i said to myself.. why why why why why... so i had to leave without my cabinet.. knowing that i may never see him again..:(   I have only spent any half way large amount of money on my self TWICE in the last 8 months this year.. once to set my visits at the new space ships of the tanning world and today on a mirror and tv stand for our new house.... but still could not bring myself to spend anymore.. i looked.. and looked.. and thought real hard...... but i could not let myself indulge on my self.. maybe one day... i might meet my faithful cabinet again under different circumstances..... But i did come away with some good bargains.. and mrs cathy got us this AWESOME lamp.. never seen anything like it!!! is is just "Butimus" i have noticed that Mrs. Cathy and I have alot of the same taste when it comes to clothes... painting, and... furniture... decorating... so i see alot of shopping trips in our future!! and alot trouble we can get in!!

then mrs cathy and i go into belk...... as we are walking in.. i find myself admiring every pair of jessica simpson shoes there with such adoration and love!!! and my big eyes get even bigger and more innocent looking as i begin to zone in on a pair like a bog trying to avoid the light of a gug zapper........ you know its touble... but you just can not resist............then i hear in the back ground.. "Mam.. please watch your step".. Flustered.. i look down.. and there it was.. the biggest, nasitest, most digusting pile of fresh VOMIT!! I thought OOOOOOOOOOOO MY DEAR JESUS PLEASE HELP HELP HELP ME.. NOT LOOSE MY LUNCH RIGHT HERE!! oooooooooooo my gosh it was completley awful!! and no one was even covering it up with paper towels or anything...but.. i had to proceed on... uuuhhgggg.. it was so freaky deaky bad!!!! and the thing is... we finished in belk... and got ready to leave.. AND IT WAS STILL THERE!!!!! NO ONE HAD MADE AN EFFORT TO EVEN CLEAN IT UP!!!!  once again... i had to pray for strength to keep my lunch down.. for my immune syestem to stay strong so that the cooties would not jump off the pile of projectile and on to my me the pure shakes!!!

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