Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Another Day........

Well it is 7:30 in the morning... I STAYED UP UNTIL 11:00 last  night!! just sitting on the couch watching tv.... Once again.. another lonley day and night ahead with Ragan gone and not coming back today.. i am very sad about that.. this is something I do not want to have to get used to...:(

So did you watch the new season of Jersey Shore last night were they are in Italy?  i  CAN NOT STAND MIKE!! he is a arrogant, cocky, self centered, manipulative creep!!!!!!! Just let Snooki have her boyfriend.. he tries to ruin everything that someone else has because he can not have it himself!! I hope snooki doesnt fall for his crap!!!!!  I think i will have to say that my favorite is Pauly!! He is the only one who seems to have some type of head on his shoulders!!!

so i stayed in my 520 sq. ft apartment ALLLLLLLLLLL DDDAAAYYY yesterday!!!! because now days if you go some were it.. ends up costing you money some how....... so.. i will most likely do it again today.. with the exception of the tanning bed, meeting with me mortgage lady this morning, and the painter  and realtor for our new house this afternoon... but all that will be done by 2 or 2:15 this afternoon.. then its back to doing nothing and pining away over missing Ragan.......... were is the fun in this?????

Yes.. i am going to attempt the tanning bed again today.. i gave my self one day off and it turned to tan already... so why not kill my face skin again?? i know there is no logic behind this theory.... only speculation... but i still abide by one cold hard truth that will always remain the same...... TAN FAT LOOKS BETTER THAN WHITE FAT!!!! pahaha

so... i wake up this morning about 6:15..... my eyes are blurry because i slept in my contacts.. and i am dizzy as all get out because i got up way to fast from laying down all night... I try to make to the bath room when out of my "peripherals" ( all the cat williams fans will appreciate that )  i see something crawling across the carpet.... my first instinct is a freaky deaky spider!!!!!!!!!!! so in my battle with staying on my feet and temporary blindness.. i try to spring back on the bed.. only to fail miserably... leaving my shorts pulled almost all the way up to my girls and my t shirt stuck half way down my shorts... my hair has not been brushed from the fight with pillow the night before.. and i have crap in my eyes from sleeping in my contacts... but who quits after the first time????? not me!!! i swiftly get back on my feet and launch myself over the bed and land with such stealth i thought for a minute that  i may date back to cat woman...... hmmm.... ok back to reality... i failed to arm myself with at least a flip flop a magazine or something... so i was stranded.. stranded in the middle of a sea of  helplessness.. my 2nd hand cat like reflexes are not helping me now... but then.... just when i thought all has failed..... it HOPPED.. yes i said HOPPED!!!! so my eye brow crinkles, and my nose kinda turns... then as usual my confused head tilts left and right..... then it HOPPED again!!! it dawned on me............... IT IS A FRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pahahaha!!! so i crawl back down off my battle post and call off the guards... and i proceed to try and catch this illusive fricket... uuuggghhhh no one told me that frickets from the city have legs made of steel springs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i chased that stupid fricket allllllll ovvveeer this apartment at 6:30 in the a.m!!! i would slap and he would hop.. slap, hop, slap, hop... ugh!!! finally i got close enough...... i landed on one of those steel springs... i accidently TORE HIS FREAKY DEAKY LEG OFF!!!! ( laughing quietly as if not to sound in humane) ha... then all he could do is spin around in circles....................... ok that is funny.. hahahahaha.. ok back to my story.. so he was easy to contain... so i scooped him up and opened the door.. and CHUNKED him out!! he landed with such a thud... if crickets can.. he did.... lol.. such a thud that i am assuming if it didnt kill him.. it knocked him out... eeehhhh.. i think he dead!!!!  so now that i have defended my castle again terrorist crickets posing as spiders, and re activated my inner Zena Warrior princess...... its time to go brush my teeth!!!!!!........................................................

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