Sunday, July 31, 2011

Its 6:40 IN THE A.M!!!:)

After a busy day yesterday wedding shopping and catching up with my pal Nicole... I satyed up LATE!!! I made it until 10:45 last night!!! not exactly a record but close in my book!! Today I go to my church and see my new soon to be sweet mother-in-law.. and RAGAN COMES HOME!!!! phew wee what a long week it has been without him here!! I also hope to embark on some sun time or tanning bed time?? hmm.. either one.. just one is free... my legs are beginning to resemble that of Mother of Pearl and that is just completley un exceptable!!!And besides.. we all know that tan fat looks better than white fat!!!!
I do plan on cooking Ragan's favorite meal tonight for him... Deer steak and gravy, rice, butterbeans, fried okra, and cornbread.... WELCOME HOME!!! :)And sweet tea!!! See.. it is not all bad come from the country to the city... you just dont get cooking like that around here!!!
I do think I tackle the struggle to  convince Ragan to ride bikes with me again today.. ever since i told him if you ride on the road you have to wear a helmet.. its been a loosing battle!!! haha.. he says he is not wearing one of those " Gooby" things!!....................... we will just see about that!:).............

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