Saturday, July 30, 2011


So.. Why the name Crickets or Frickets?? Well.. you say "Pillow" and I say "Pilla".. you say "Tomatoe" and I say " Tuhmata" You say " Cricket.. and you guessed it!!!!!!!!!!!! You so smart!!! I SAY FRICKET!!!:) I am different than most... Picture me as the dog who turns it's head from side to side trying to understand the rediculous baby talk coming out!!! HAHA.. I just veiw things a little different.. see most things in black and white and for what they are!!! So I spend alot of time in a constant state of "ponderization" ( Does that word make since??? lol..) trying figure why the world has gotten so complicated!! 'Cause were I come from.. You eat, sleep, work, family, church, and eat, sleep, work...Your Yes means Yes, Your no means no.. and Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong...and all traffic stops for ducks, geese, puppies, and turtles..... And we SMILE!! haha.. And most find entertainment in simple things.. So i guess that is were this dry sense of humor comes from!!! anway.. lets move on!!

 So let me catch you up so you will understand some of my future blog post.. throw some names and ya so in the future you want be lost as goose on land!!!:)

In one year my life has changed dramatically.. but for the better!!! not to say that there were not times I wondered what the heck was going divorced, got out of a bad work environment (can I get a hallelujah!!!), moved from the sticks to the city.... but all I can say is "funny how things work out!!" I met a new man.. wait did you hear that.. I MET A NEW MAN.. and he is WONDERFUL!! Everything that a man should be and more!!!And we are getting married October 1, 2011.. and I can't wait..!! I got a new fabulous job!!!!and We get our new house in just  2 weeks!!! YAHOOO!! literally!! lol..

Here are the names that will be mentioned the most:
Ragan- my sweet soon to be husband and best fran!!
Milo- my half corgi half weini dog
Oscar- my half chihuahua half weini dog
Nicole- my best girl pal
Chris and Matt- my two best guy pals

So I thought I would start a new blog with my new chance at life!! I will tell you this.. poor Ragan.. poor poor Ragan.. I did not know that there were so many potential traffic violations in a city.. He has earned his passenger seat driver's license.. lets put it that way.. and he has managed not go into cardiac arrest!!! :)I have made the whitest white boy turn 7 different shades of red, pink, and translucent a color??hahahaha I went from a one ton dodge dually to a little mazda.. now affectionatley known as the " Silver Bullet" You would be amazed at the places that thing will fit!!! I feel like NASCAR everyday!!! Boogity Boogity Boogity!!! VROOM VROOM!!!  But here latley for some reason, Ragan volunteers his car and his gas.. not so sure if I take that as a compliment or an insult???hahahahaha He has our good bye times down pat.."I love you, I will talk to you later...... BEEEEEE CCCAAAARRREEEFFFUUULLL!!!!" :)
    Ragan and I were talking the other day about sleeping.... i know i know..haha.. anway..I go to bed anywere from 8 to 8:30 almost everynight... but my eyes pop open with what feels like tooth picks and feeling like I have have drank about 5, 5 hour energys!!! " Ping.. Pong.. Tink... Bam.." just BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS!!! and if you aint never heard a giggle box before.. you should come have a slumber party!!! haha Ok were was I going with this.. O yeah.. well when I say I sleep late.. I mean.. no later than 7 in the morning.. that is LATE!!!!!! normally i rise around 4 or 5..i was trying to think of the last time i had ever slept passed 7 or so.. and........ I could not recolect that date..... lol.. and Ragan's response... " The last time I slept late......hmmmm.. was before I met you!!!!"
 I did not know that there could be so many traffics lights in one small area.. shoot... i could ride my back faster than this traffic sometimes... nor did i know that within a 2 miles radius that there could be 3 DIFFERENT KROGERS!!!!!!!!  were I come from.. you planned a trip to "town" and you announced your trip.. so that the car pooling affect would take place... and you had a designated driver ( not from drinking, but someone who could handle the traffic) The men dropped the women off at the grocery section while they proceeded to the sports and goods section.. and could stay in those 4 ailes the entire time it took us to get a buggy and a half full of groceries!!!! But most of our "groceries" came from the garden, the pasture, or hunting season... and they have a COKE MACHINE FOR MOVIES!!!!!!! ( i think its called netflix) it is amazing!!! And the Pizza place is actually with delivery distance!!!!!!!!!!!!And people are walking around with what looks like dyed turkey feather's in their hair!! And hardly anyone has enough grass to cut with anything other than a little rinky push mower!!!! There are 4 coffe shops with what seems like in 1 mile from each other... I have seen earrings in places that I didnt know could be pierced.. There are privacy fences everywere!!! And no FRICKETS chirp at night... (not so sure if I like that)And neighbors do not wave here.. nor do they care to wave.... i do think they should put in a mandantory "Smile" day or something.. dang!! This whole transition reminds me of my college days all over again!! hahaha
So.. thats all I have tonight..its my bed time!!! but stay tuned.. and witness my new life from the farm to the city!!!! and watch out for those FRICKETS!!!

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